Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sample Sheet Work

School Lottery copy

This is a piece I am putting together for some sample sheets to send off to editors
the idea is about how children are put in a "lottery" to decide what school they go to

Friday, 25 May 2007

Home Project

This was the final project I did for my 3rd Year, I toyed with the idea of investigating journeys and travel but ended up working on the Ego project first.
After finishing that I took a public brief on "home" for a local exhibiton.
I examined many ideas of home and became fixated on a social commentary piece on the desolation of slum living and poverty in suburban london.

Home Sketches 3
Home Sketches

I also looked at the idea of "neighborhood watch" in a reversd way, with people watching each other inside the community ,rather than being wary of strangers.....

Home Sketches 2

All this work was interesting but I needed something more personal, so I looked into my attitudes about home, I used to have a rather distorted life, somewhat like a person with two lives, one with my now ex-girlfirend In Totnes, Devon and the other in Banbury, studying for my degree, on top of that I lived in Buckinghamshire. Needless to say I travelled a lot and spent a large proportion of my time in non-places, train stations and roadsides, places that exist only in the transitory.

I sought out to illustrate how I felt about it and when I had designs for both places
i wrote my girlfriend a letter describing the work. This became these Final pieces:

Home Project Final
Home Totnes Final
Home Project letter

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper

I was asked (through Myspace)to do an illustration for Litmsuphere magazine in march this year, unfortunatley I was really busy with two other briefs for uni and couldn't apply all my time to it, I produced two bits of work for the deadline but remained unhappy with the final result, for my own piece of mind I created a new piece later whi ch i have posted here today. When I get my sketchbooks back from assessment I will post the sketches and submitted work.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Orange Competion

YCN Orange Brief

Orange 1
Orange 2
Orange 3

[the text for this post has been removed because these pieces are popular with art directors and I want to get more work]

Monday, 21 May 2007

Ego Project

The Final for my Ego Project at Uni


I tried to design a character who i felt inspired feelings of hostility, the pink polo shirt suggesting a softness (in touch with his feminine side?!) countered by the hair and sneering face making him look like a cocky idiot.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Postcard Art

For a brief set by D&AD this year

Two finals and some sketches:

Postcard sketches
Postcard BW
postcard sketches 2
Postcard sketches 3

An enjoyable project based on the idea of "A Postcard from the Edge" I chose to look at mental illness through the "right brain" or creative side of the mind.
I read Oliver Sacks book: "The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat" and used the narrative to create my designs around some of the bizarre case histories.

The final images are intended to portray the gulf between the mentally ill and the medical establishment, the intertwined trees representing autistic twins who communicate through numbers as similarly inseperable despite the intervention of the medical authority.

The other image look's at the overmedication of the mentally ill (somewhat clumsily)

Saturday, 19 May 2007

First Post Fun

Well This is my first post on my blog i have told no-one about yet

(watches tumbleweed drift by......)

Ill go off and get some Illustration to put up here then!