Friday, 25 May 2007

Home Project

This was the final project I did for my 3rd Year, I toyed with the idea of investigating journeys and travel but ended up working on the Ego project first.
After finishing that I took a public brief on "home" for a local exhibiton.
I examined many ideas of home and became fixated on a social commentary piece on the desolation of slum living and poverty in suburban london.

Home Sketches 3
Home Sketches

I also looked at the idea of "neighborhood watch" in a reversd way, with people watching each other inside the community ,rather than being wary of strangers.....

Home Sketches 2

All this work was interesting but I needed something more personal, so I looked into my attitudes about home, I used to have a rather distorted life, somewhat like a person with two lives, one with my now ex-girlfirend In Totnes, Devon and the other in Banbury, studying for my degree, on top of that I lived in Buckinghamshire. Needless to say I travelled a lot and spent a large proportion of my time in non-places, train stations and roadsides, places that exist only in the transitory.

I sought out to illustrate how I felt about it and when I had designs for both places
i wrote my girlfriend a letter describing the work. This became these Final pieces:

Home Project Final
Home Totnes Final
Home Project letter

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