Sunday, 20 May 2007

Postcard Art

For a brief set by D&AD this year

Two finals and some sketches:

Postcard sketches
Postcard BW
postcard sketches 2
Postcard sketches 3

An enjoyable project based on the idea of "A Postcard from the Edge" I chose to look at mental illness through the "right brain" or creative side of the mind.
I read Oliver Sacks book: "The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat" and used the narrative to create my designs around some of the bizarre case histories.

The final images are intended to portray the gulf between the mentally ill and the medical establishment, the intertwined trees representing autistic twins who communicate through numbers as similarly inseperable despite the intervention of the medical authority.

The other image look's at the overmedication of the mentally ill (somewhat clumsily)


becky said...

my my what fabulous html skills you have O_O

Patrick said...

I'll say it again. I'm loving your work at the moment. Really glad you told me the story about the twins as well. It really gives the piece depth.